CLEAF’s Italian aesthetics meet the strong sales structure of the EGGER Group. The joint collection is the basis for the most diverse combinations, but also makes a trendy statement on its own.

CLEAF and EGGER are two family-owned companies that are globally active in the sector of surface materials for furniture and interior design.
The Caspani and Egger families have always strived to make furniture and interiors more aesthetic and functional. This is made possible by state-of-the-art technology in the companies’ production facilities. A common vision and mutual respect are the first step towards a broader collaboration for an ambitious goal: to create an innovative service for architects. The ingredients for this are a high aesthetic standard of CLEAF surfaces “Made in Italy” and the global product range and sales strength of EGGER.
THE COLLECTION: 10 textures, 27 surfaces.


The Alpaca texture reproduces the silky effect of the precious natural fiber once used for the clothing of the Inca emperors.


Cheope is a geometric texture inspired by the perfect lines of pyramids seen from a zenithal point of view. The shape is interpreted in its three-dimensionality, in order to create plays of light and shadow on furniture and walls.


Duna features reliefs of medium-sized granules such as sandstone.


Fronda reproduces the elm wood, a plant widespread in the Italian countryside until the middle of the 20th century. Its luxuriance is glorified by the Latin poet Virgilio in the Bucoliche. The grains are similar to those of oak but the color of the essence is brighter.


Inspired by the world of metals, Idea is a texture featuring brushed aluminum with a 45-degree angle engraving.


The Millennium texture reproduces the extremely smooth and uniform composition of red pine. Its flaming look creates beautiful visual effects through alternating levels of matt and gloss.


The Mosaico texture is a composition of square tiles whose irregular appearance is given by different levels of depth and width.


Paulownia wood is used for the production of okobo, the traditional Japanese sandals worn by maiko, the apprentice geisha. They are made with a single block of carved wood and they have a very high heel dig at the front of the foot. The Okobo texture has an attractive appearance due to the regularity of the fiber.


Primofiore texture is inspired by the weave of leather. Its softness and “silkiness” make it particularly fascinating, both emotionally and aesthetically.


Yosemite reproduces the tactile and visual effect of the legendary Scots pine and represents the first synchronized texture by CLEAF. Light reflections emphasize the depth of its grains.