Cleaf is an Italian company producing innovative surfaces and solutions for the furniture and interior design industries.
Faced panels, laminates and edges exclusively manufactured at production sites in Brianza are installed worldwide by architects and companies building inspirational spaces for living and working.



The Espresso collection is always available that can be ordered in bundles or single products, exclusively online.
The collection highlights the innovative aesthetic and tactile research on surfaces.
A complete and coordinated collection – 131 products, developed in 29 textures, available as faced panel, laminate and edge – allows the creation of multiple stylistic combinations for different contexts.
A collection that certifies the Made in Italy ability to interpret the needs of contemporary furniture and the most inspiring environments, thanks to the continuous exchange of ideas with architects and industrial designers.



The Alpaca texture reproduces the silky effect of the precious natural fiber once used for the clothing of the Inca emperors.


The Alter texture has a delicate grain that is clearly inspired by wood.


Inspired by the urban brickwork that characterises industrial architecture, the Ares texture reflects the simplicity and depth of a concrete wall or trowelled plaster.


The Azimut texture is inspired by the cedar wood, aged and worn by the passing of time. The effect highlights wood grain, providing a warm and enveloping feeling.


Shou Sugi Ban is the ancient Japanese technique of burning wood to preserve it over time. Besides being a conservative and eco-sustainable practice it gives an aesthetically pleasing “burnt wood” effect. The Bruciato texture is the representation of this effect on an ash essence.


Cheope is a geometric texture inspired by the perfect lines of pyramids seen from a zenithal point of view. The shape is interpreted in its three-dimensionality, in order to create plays of light and shadow on furniture and walls.


The Concreta texture has a material aspect comparable to the plaster used for the decorative coatings of walls and ceilings.


Duna features reliefs of medium-sized granules such as sandstone.


Sophistication with a vintage feel, the Engadina texture is a reinterpretation of rustic wood.


Inspired by the king of the forest, the white fir, the Esperia texture has a straight and depth grain that gives intense tactile and visual sensations.


Fronda reproduces the elm wood, a plant widespread in the Italian countryside until the middle of the 20th century. Its luxuriance is glorified by the Latin poet Virgilio in the Bucoliche. The grains are similar to those of oak but the color of the essence is brighter.


Inspired by the world of metals, Idea is a texture featuring a brushed aluminum with a 45-degree angle engraving.


The Matrix texture is the result of an in-depth research and development activity, of an artisan vision in the care of details and industrial in the evolution of technology.


The Millennium texture reproduces the extremely smooth and uniform composition of red pine. Its flaming look creates beautiful visual effects through alternating levels of matt and gloss.


The Mosaico texture is a composition of square tiles whose irregular appearance is given by different levels of depth and width.


The Nadir texture features a geometrical composition on a squared background. An intersection of lines and volumes that evokes a formal and contemporary precision.


Paulownia wood is used for the production of Okobo, the traditional Japanese sandals worn by maiko, the apprentice geisha. They are made with a single block of carved wood and they have a very high heel dig at the front of the foot. The Okobo texture has an attractive appearance due to the regularity of the fiber.


The marked knots and grains inspired by oak wood make the Pembroke texture intriguing and perfect in combination with more neutral surfaces at a tactile effect.


Penelope is deeply organic texture that reproduces the linen effect. It’s very flexible thanks to its perfect combination with all solid colours and patterns.


Piombo is a matt surface for furniture and interior design. Innovative acrylic resins, applied using Electron Beam Curing, mean that Piombo reflects very little light – hence the opacity – while at the same making it anti-fingerprint, soft to the touch and highly resistant to scratches. Available as faced panel, laminate and edge it is a sophisticated and coordinated surface for furnishings and interiors, either vertical or horizontal.


Primofiore texture is inspired by the weave of leather. Its softness and “silkiness” make it particularly fascinating, both emotionally and aesthetically. 


Reflex is a bright texture that shines like brushed aluminium. Elegant and perfect combined with metallic or solid colour papers.


The brushed effect of the Sablè texture is characteristic of handcrafted wood essences.


The Sherwood texture takes Po Valley oak as its reference, with strong and deep markings.


The refinement of the Smart texture adds a sensitive element when used in the most sophisticated interiors and is ideal for solid colours and bolder patterns.


Talco is a soft and silky texture that can be combined with solid colors or stone effect decorative papers.


Tivoli is a deep and synchronized texture. A half-flamed ash compound.


The Tranché texture reproduces the feel of rough wood, an handcrafted process that keep an irregular and archetypal stroke.


Yosemite reproduces the tactile and visual effect of the legendary Scots pine and represents the first synchronized texture by Cleaf. Light reflections emphasize the depht of its grains.