Your extra design – safety edging: in the same decor or as an accent

By matching the decorative board and edge banding in terms of color, texture, and gloss level, seamless furniture or furniture with accentuated designs can be created. Our large selection of edge bands meets all of your design needs, whether you choose to match the decor or create an exciting contrast.

Matching ABS Edge Banding

EGGER matching ABS edge banding complements all decorative surfaces. ABS edge bands match the decor, texture, and gloss level of any decor in the EGGER Decorative Collection flawlessly.

ABS Accent Edge Banding

With EGGER ABS accent edge banding, you can easily create a beautiful design effect. Furniture design trends are increasingly emphasizing the use of multiple materials. You can express your creativity by combining accent edge banding with solid colors or wood and material reproductions.

ABS End-Grained Edge Banding

EGGER ABS end-grain edgings underline the natural effect of Feelwood decors. In combination with the matching longitudinal edge, it creates a coordinated overall appearance that hardly differs from timber.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the sizing availability of EGGER ABS edging?
  • 23 x 0.8 mm (75 m)
  • 23 x 2 mm (75 m)
  • 28 x 0.8 mm (75 m)
  • 28 x 2 mm (75 m)
  • 33 x 0.8 mm (75 m)
  • 33 x 2 mm (75 m)
  • 43 x 2 mm (75 m)
  • 54 x 2 mm (75 m)

What are the uses and applications of EGGER ABS edging?

EGGER ABS edging tape is used to finish the narrow sides of laminated wood-based materials such as chipboard, MDF, and lightweight boards, and it adds the perfect finishing touch to all decorative surfaces.

It can be used in a wide range of applications, including kitchen, bathroom, office, and bedroom furniture, living rooms, exhibition builds and shopfitting systems, cabinet fronts, and furniture carcasses. EGGER ABS edging tape can also be used to finish finely carved freeform furniture components.


Can I get any decor in EGGER ABS edging?

Yes, EGGER ABS edging can be produced in any decor of the EGGER Decorative Collection.