Your extra haptics – textures & surfaces

The feel of an object has become increasingly important in an age of advancing digitization. As a result, we pay special attention to our textures and surfaces. The overall design is completed with a harmonious feel that complements the decor image. We get as close to the original as we can with expressiveness, character, depth, and naturalness. You can therefore create outstanding projects that will completely satisfy your customers.

Wood textures

Only the right texture makes a woodgrain reproduction stand out. Our woodgrain textures are created with matt-gloss effects, gently brushed pores, soft hollows, or a natural appearance.


ST10 Deepskin Rouge

An authentic texture for natural, striking, and rustic decors, well suited for solid wood reproductions.

ST12 Omnipore Matt

The all-over pore with irregular distribution and pores of various depth, which give the surface a natural appearance. A light sub-texture provides a velvet touch.

ST19 Deepskin Excellent

Cut floret sections combined with linear areas. The matt and gloss woodgrain of the texture gives the decor an exciting and at the same time natural overall appearance.

ST22 Deepskin Linear

Its haptics and matt/gloss areas give linear and vivid wood decors more naturalness and reflective nature.


Feelwood provides a visual and sensory experience and thus the added value offered by these textures. The deep Feelwood synchronised pores seduce with a quality that combines the best of two product worlds: A look and feel that come very close to solid wood and veneer, and the advantages of a melamine-coated board.

ST28 Feelwood Nature

The sandblasted character of the oak reinforced by the texture synchronised with the pressure cylinder of the Gladstone Oak.

ST32 Feelwood Vintage

Its old wood look is a sought-after theme. It has been synchronised with the decor image of the Sherman Oak. The visual damage and markings in the wood are accentuated by the synchronised pore texture.

ST33 Feelwood Crafted

An interplay of matt and slightly shiny elements. The matt and softly brushed pore gives the surface a beautiful reflective nature, resulting in a very natural look that shines with a pearlescent effect.

ST36 Feelwood Brushed

The heavily brushed but naturally matt character gives the most diverse wood types a very authentic feel.

ST37 Feelwood Rift

Authentic like a solid wood surface, ST37 Feelwood Rift has a texture that is synchronised with the decor series Halifax Oak by featuring deep and tactile cracks.

ST38 Feelwood Pinegrain

The brushed softwood look with high-quality pearlescent effect results from matt and shiny elements. Uni colours in combination with this texture look like painted or lacquered solid wood.

Material and metal textures

Reproductions of stone and metal are becoming important. These decors are given the desired authenticity and character through the appropriate texture.

ST16 Mineral Plaster

Plaster or spatula look with deep and rough, smooth and shiny elements. It creates an industrial effect on concrete, metal, and stone reproductions.

ST20 Metal Brushed

The goal was to underline the reality of material decors when developing this texture. It gives the pearlescent and metallic decors the look and feel of finely polished metal.

ST75 Mineral Satin

The worktop texture gives material reproductions and uni colours a matt and velvety feel. It works particularly well on marble.

ST76 Mineral Rough Matt

A flamed & gently brushed natural stone surface inspired it. It can be applied on a number of different stone reproductions, including on slate and marble.

ST87 Mineral Ceramic

With strong matt/gloss effects this texture simulates the surface and feel of a ceramic tile.

ST89 Mineral Rock

The granite character of this texture seduces with its rough texture, reflective nature and with the interplay of matt and gloss.

Matt and high-gloss surfaces

Decors achieve their strong effect by being paired with the most appropriate texture.

PG PerfectSense Premium Gloss

An amazing reflective nature and at the same time a very smooth surface – this is what makes our PerfectSense Premium Gloss texture so impressive.

PM/PT PerfectSense Premium Matt/Topmatt

An unusually warm and velvety feel combined with high resistance and anti-fingerprint properties are the benefits of PerfectSense Premium Matt and PerfectSense Premium Topmatt.

SM SemiMatt

A smoother surface is not possible. The effect is mainly seen in combination with uni colours.

ST2 Smoothtouch Pearl

Robust, striking & and very resistant. This surface texture is best used with uni colours and pearlescent decors.

ST9 Smoothtouch Matt

A very natural feel for uni colours as well as woodgrain decors. This texture follows the trend towards matt surfaces.

ST15 Smoothtouch Velvet

A smooth, even & easy to clean surface with reduced gloss. It highlights the quality of elegant wood and material reproductions.