Flammex flame-retardant products

Schools, hospitals, hotels, shops, and other public institutions have higher needs for fire protection. EGGER flame retardant products meet the specifications of international standards. Flammex products are highly functional without limiting design flexibility.

Eurodekor chipboardsCompact Laminates with black panel core, and Laminates are available in Flammex quality in a large variety of decors.

Laminates Flammex

Flammex laminates are classified as type F = flame-retardant in accordance with the standard. They are suitable as a decorative and low-flammability coating material in combination with flame-retardant coreboards. Combinations with corresponding composite elements enable applications with increased requirements for fire resistance. They meet the requirements of the German building material class B1 and of the French reaction to fire class M1.



Eurodekor Flammex E1 P2 CE

Eurodekor Flammex E1 P2 CE designates flame-retardant decorative melamine-resin-coated chipboard for furniture and interior design with increased requirements for fire behavior. Flammex boards meet the requirements of the European fire classification EUROCLASS B-s2, d0 according to EN 13501-1.



Compact laminate Flammex CE

The compact laminates Flammex CE look the same as the compact laminates with a black core. However, they are characterised by a significantly improved fire resistance and are classified as B-s2, d0 in accordance with EN 13501-1. With reduced ventilation, and substructure of low flammability or non-flammable substructure, the Flammex B CE compact laminates may even be classified and used as B-s1, d0.



Frequently Asked Questions

What does EGGER recommend as a relevant bonding adhesive to use for EGGER Flammex Laminates?

For gluing, flame retardant glues, such as resorcinol resin glues, must be used.

We do not give any specific recommendations or brand names for Flammex adhesive. This is something our customers should discuss with the adhesive suppliers, as they are the glue experts.

Do Flammex products have a limited service life?

No. The effect of the fire protection additives remains in place. This is also absolutely necessary, as our products usually remain installed for several decades and their fire protection effect must be guaranteed at all times.

Are the flame-retardants used for Eurodekor Flammex products different from those used for compact laminates and laminates Flammex?

There are differences in the way they work. However, the chemical basis is always phosphate. Eurodekor Flammex already uses the new technology based on intumescent additives. Our compact laminates and laminates work with a condensation-based flame-retardant. An alternative mode of
action to the classical condensation base is necessary due to the small but concentrated amount of flame-retardant in the coating of Eurodekor Flammex.

In the case of Eurodekor, the flame-retardant is only present on the surface. Can this cause problems for the edging?

It is correct that no additional flame-retardant is used in the board and therefore also not at the edging. The foaming of the flame-retardant substructure even closes butt joints to a certain extent for a short time. Therefore, no negative influence on the cross-section of the board is to be expected.