EGGER laminates are decorative laminates which have a multilayer structure. They consist of melamine resin-impregnated decorative paper and one or more layers of soda craft paper impregnated with phenolic resins, which are laminated under high pressure and heat.

Standard Laminates

EGGER laminates combine durability with attractive design. Due to their multi-layer construction and the dimensions of 2800mm x 1310mm x 0.8mm, they are an excellent choice for horizontal and vertical surfaces with medium to high loads, as well as curved or rounded parts. EGGER Laminate is constructed of numerous layers of paper with a decorative surface which is then bonded to a suitable substrate, such as chipboard, MDF, plywood boards, and other core boards as a coating material. 

Feelwood XL Laminates

For large area applications, EGGER Feelwood XL Laminates decors have a width advantage. They come in the dimensions 2790mm × 2060mm × 0.8mm with barely any cutting waste. The surface texture of wood reproductions is synchronized with the decor image. The resulting look and feel are almost indistinguishable from solid wood or veneer.  Feelwood XL Laminates are perfect for extra-wide interior doors in places like hospitals. MED-certified XL laminates are available for use in shipbuilding. All variants are not postformable.

Laminates with Coloured Core

Laminates with a colored core are made out of many layers of the same decor impregnate. Joints and butt edges processed on mitre are thus almost invisible. In combination with a solid wood edge band, the coloured core enhances the design of the board’s narrow side. In accordance with the standard, laminates with coloured core are classified are not postformable. MED-certified laminates with coloured core are available for use in shipbuilding.

Flammex Laminates

The EGGER Flammex Laminate is a decorative, flame-resistant laminate with a decorative surface that complies with DIN 4102-1’s standards for building materials class B1. It is made up of various layers of paper and curable resins. EGGER Flammex Laminate is used exclusively for the lamination of flammex retardant substrates where flame retardane construction products are required, such as airports or hotels.


PerfectSense Topmatt Laminates

The great scratch resistance of PerfectSense Topmatt Laminates is a distinguishing feature. A horizontal surface with a super-matt, cozy, velvety feel with anti-fingerprint qualities that can withstand heavy traffic and use. Excellent for interior applications in high-traffic areas. Worktops, table and desk tops, doors, wall panels, furniture fronts, end panels, and shelving are examples of classic application areas.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are EGGER laminates MED certified?
  • EGGER coloured core, HG and XL laminates in 0.8mm thickness 
  • EGGER Laminates in the nominal thicknesses 0.6mm and 0.8mm

are MED (Marine Equipment Directive) certified. The MED quality, which is confirmed by Lloyd's certificates, enables the use of laminates in shipbuilding.

Do EGGER laminates have anti-static properties?

EGGER laminates have good static properties and are ideal for use in areas where electrostatic charges should be avoided. The surface resistance of laminates is ranging from 109 to 1011 Ohm.


However, EGGER laminates are not suitable for Electrostatic discharge (ESD) workplaces.

What does EGGER recommend as a relevant bonding adhesive to use for EGGER Flammex Laminates?

For gluing, flame retardant glues, such as resorcinol resin glues, must be used.

We do not give any specific recommendations or brand names for Flammex adhesive. This is something our customers should discuss with the adhesive suppliers, as they are the glue experts.

What chemicals are EGGER laminates resistance to?

Here you can find the information.

Which EGGER laminates can be postformed?

The term "postforming" refers to the bending process applied to specially developed grades of laminates.  Whilst postformable laminates have all the well-known characteristics of standard grade high pressure laminates, they may also be formed into simple cylindrical concave or convex curves. 

The term "postforming" refers to the bending process applied to specially developed grades of laminates.  Whilst postformable laminates have all the well-known characteristics of standard grade high pressure laminates, they may also be formed into simple cylindrical concave or convex curves.

P (Postformable) laminate type is required for postforming.  Postformable laminates include our standard 0.6mm and 0.8mm laminates as well as our PM laminates.


  • EGGER Flammex laminates
  • EGGER Coloured core laminates
  • EGGER HG laminates
  • EGGER TopMatt laminates


  • EGGER Standard laminates
  • EGGER PerfectSense Matt laminates
  • EGGER Door Size laminates
Where can EGGER Coloured Core Laminates be used?

You can utilized EGGER colored core laminates in places with moderate to heavy usage.


Colored core laminate is ideal for interior applications such as shop and exhibition construction, furniture and design components, worktops and table surfaces, door paneling, exhibition and sales modules, where visible edges and joints are minimized to achieve a smooth finish.


The EGGER Laminate Coloured Core is MED (Marine Equipment Directive) certified in nominal thicknesses of 0.80mm. Laminates can be used in shipbuilding thanks to the MED quality, which is supported by Lloyd's certificates.

How to process EGGER laminates with Coloured Core?

The processing guidelines for laminates usually apply for processing laminate with colored core, however the following information should be taken into consideration:

  • The flexibility of the laminate with colored core is reduced by the use of unique synthetic resins in its production. This needs to be considered when doing the various processing procedures, such as sawing, milling, drilling, etc.
  • .A particular kind of adhesives are needed because colored core laminates are stiff as it is necessary to hide the adhesive joint for optical reasons. PVAc adhesives and other thermoplastic adhesive systems are recommended. 120 to 150 g/m2 is the recommended adhesive amount.
  • Due to a different core construction, slight colour differences can occur in comparison to other EGGER materials, this is particularly important when using matching products.

For further information and to view our EGGER laminate processing instructions, please click here.

Cleaning and Care Instructions

Due to their resistant and hygienic surfaces, EGGER laminates do not require any special maintenance.

The surface is generally easy to clean; this also applies to textured surfaces.