PerfectSense Lacquered Boards
Make more sense than ever before

For your high-end designs, EGGER has further developed their PerfectSense lacquered boards. The high-gloss and matt surfaces can now be used in even more ways, adding greater exclusivity to your projects. With the PerfectSense Texture lacquered boards, EGGER shows the trendy matt look on a cost-efficient chip core board. You don’t have to give up the velvety-warm feel and the anti-fingerprint property either.


PerfectSense Premium Matt (PM)

PerfectSense in Premium Matt stands out from other furniture surfaces with its look and feel. The special anti-fingerprint property reduces fingerprints on the surface and minimizes the cleaning effort. The trendy, velvety-warm feel invites you to touch it and feel good.

PerfectSense Premium Gloss (PG)

PerfectSense in Premium Gloss impresses with its special gloss surface and reflective nature. Until now, these special properties were only available in very expensive materials such as glass. The homogeneous MDF material as a coreboard has a positive effect on the properties of the high-end surface.



Frequently Asked Questions

Can PerfectSense® Premium be produced as Flammex?

Unfortunately, PerfectSense Premium cannot be made on a flammex core; it can only be manufactured on a standard PerfectSense MDF core.

How should I process PerfectSense® Premium products?

PerfectSense Premium is manufactured by finishing a melamine-resin-coated MDF core board with an innovative lacquering process that is specifically and precisely adjusted for the surface.

As a result, we recommend following specific procedures when processing our PerfectSense Premium boards. You can find them here.


How is PerfectSense® Premium classified?

EGGER PerfectSense Premium lacquered boards are classified according to EN 622 type 5 and are produced from MDF ST E1 CARB2/TSA boards.

Cleaning and Care Instructions

PerfectSense boards should be stored indoors and should not be left in direct sunlight (UV light).